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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re sure you already have many questions, so have included answers to the most frequently asked below. Book yourself on one of our courses for more!

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Will I know when I'm in labour?

Labour is a progressive process, starting off usually mild, with contractions increasing in strength and frequency. In established labour you would be hard put to ignore it, as it takes up your whole being. If you're having to ask yourself the question whether or not you are in labour... then you are usually not ! In that situation -good to wait and see, and it will become clear. Sometimes you can experience practise contractions which fizzle out after a little time. Labour contractions will keep happening until you are holding your baby.

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Who can I have with me in labour?

The best people to support you are those that love you and are full of positive encouragement to help you labour. Whether this is your partner, your mother or your best friend... or a combination of all of them. The key thing is that they are there for you at this time. Support in labour is about the little things that make a difference, be it keeping a cup of ice chips ready or rubbing your shoulders or being there to lean on. I would suggest that more than two people can become a little bit intrusive but this is a very personal point for you to consider and chat through with your 'special' people. Space-wise in the hospital it could also become a bit too crowded! At home this would not be of so much concern.

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Will I be able to breastfeed my baby?

It is very rare that a mother would be unable physically to breastfeed her newborn. But it can certainly be challenging initially to get confident and trust in your body's ability to supply everything that your baby needs. Babies have the inbuilt instinct to suckle and ask for food, and you have the inbuilt ability to produce the milk they need. Getting the two to go together effectively can take a little bit of practise and perseverance, as many naps as you can get and as many people around you to support with cooking, cleaning and everything else. Your focus to begin with is your baby, getting feeding established and enjoying time with your partner and baby just being a family. Everything else and everybody else takes second place.

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